Limited Edition Festive


5-sleeve assortment 735,000

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Limited Edition Festive

A selection of our best-selling coffees from Ispirazione Italiana range.

Ispirazione Italiana aims to take coffee lovers on Nespresso’s Italian journey and discover for themselves these intense coffee aromas and cremas. Nespresso’s range of coffees and their names are evolving to better reflect the regional Italian expertise it was inspired by. Specially crafted, each coffee captures the essence of the inspired city, whether it’s the spicy North African influences in Palermo or rich depth of history of Rome – it’s these local details that make this collection a true delight.

This assortment contains:
1 sleeve of ISPIRAZIONE FIRENZE ARPEGGIO (10 capsules)
1 sleeve of ISPIRAZIONE NAPOLI (10 capsules)
1 sleeve of ISPIRAZIONE RISTRETTO ITALIANO (10 capsules)
1 sleeve of ISPIRAZIONE ROMA (10 capsules)
1 sleeve of ISPIRAZIONE GENOVA LIVANTO (10 capsules)