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Master Origins
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Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada is like a second birth of Master Origin Nicaragua: it is crafted from the same Arabica Marsellesa beans, from the same farm in the mountains surrounding Matagalpa. We completely changed the post-harvest process creating a very different, red fruit taste through natural fermentation, very similar to making a different wine from the same grapes by changing the way you ferment them.

Desiring a perfect cup, Nespresso collaborated on a new approach fermentation La Cumplida farmers from Nicaragua to master the process and unlock smooth candied cherry and pomegranate notes.

This single origin coffee is roast using a 85/15 split roast technique. The first batch reaches a dark roast in a short time, while the second split is even darker but also short. This technique allows us to create a little intensity while preserving the fruitiness and delicate aromas of this coffee.

This surprising and unique coffee delights with wild fruity notes reminiscent of candied cherry and pomegranate.