1. Send your friends the coupon code COFFEEONME
2. Your friend input the coupon code at checkout and your full name at Notes section, they will get 15% off their first machine
3. After they successfully completed their orders, you will get a coupon code

Your reward will be upgraded after certain milestones:
5% off next order after you refer 1 friend
10% off next order after you refer 2 friends
15% off next order after you refer 3 friends


1. Each customer can refer up to 3 friends
2. Referrer get reward updates by e-mail. When he refers a second person, if he has already used his first 5% discount, he will get another 5% instead of upgrading to 10%. The same applies to third person.
3. COFFEEONME only applies to 1 machine per member
4. Orders with COFFEEONME code must have the referrer's name, who is a current member of Nespresso Vietnam, to be processed

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